Plenum: Digital technology in schools – time to choose wisely

I firmly believe that digital technology is a choice! However, if Sweden is to make best use of digital technology in its schools, then its crucial that there is robust nationwide debate on what sorts of digital education you want to choose. Unfortunately, the current conversations around digitalization and schools has become unhelpfully polarize.

In this talk I will suggest some parameters for a more realistic, responsible and constructive debate about the digitalization of schools. Drawing on a number of examples around the world, I will highlight ways that everyone involved in Swedish education can work together to develop approaches to digital technology that are appropriate, imaginative and ultimately beneficial to schools, teachers and students.

Neil Selwyn

Anders Henriksson deltar i Almedalen

Neil Selwyn är professor i pedagogik och leder forskningsgruppen Learning with New Media på Monash Universitet, Melbourne, Australien.

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